In 48 hours: The 2nd Episode of Playing With Food

foodexpert, April 22, 2014

Props are collected, recipes are finalized, my guest is ready and the crew job list is just about complete. This Thursday evening we’ll tape the 2nd episode of Playing With Food. Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive so far on this new adventure.

The crew is energetic and eager to learn even more. We will work together to bring this show to a new level each and every time. What a great experience for all. Some are seasoned and some are brand new. I appreciate each one.

The theme is TBA because, well, I like suspense. Hee hee. I am adding a fun little contest for viewers that you will see posted on this website by Thursday morning.

Would you share this website with your friends? Well, only the ones who like food. And parties. Thanks!!

your hostess,


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