Launching the Playing with Food TV Show

foodexpert, March 16, 2014

television-antenna-clip-artThe maiden episode of the Playing With Food TV show was just recently filmed and can be watched on this site by clicking the EPISODES button above. Easy recipes, entertaining tips and tricks and SO much more. There will be guests, themes and definately lots of fun! Some of the episodes planned are: Wine and Cheese, Fiesta!, Girlfriends Get Together, Family Dinner, Healthy Snacks for Kids, Birthday Cupcakes,Picnics Galore! and The Man-Food Episode.

A huge thank you to our sponsor, Shop Rite Miller Farms Family Markets for the food I will play with on the set to create wonderful appetizers, meals, desserts and more.

I am grateful for the volunteer crew , their enthusiasm and dedication and look forward to all they will continue to learn as we ‘step it up a notch’ with each episode toward a polished and professional show. Oh, and fun. Yes, lots of fun.

Stay tuned for the viewing schedule for the public access channel  if you are local to the viewing area.

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