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IMG_4686Hi there!

I have been playing with my food since I was a child. Fortunately, now it is considered acceptable especially since I can make some really pretty and delicious things. It started with cooking and baking in our family farm kitchen at age 8, and has been a consuming interest ever since. All those years of experience with baking, cooking, party planning and entertaining are now coming together in the form of show and tell. I am happy to share with anyone who understands and loves the art of food, and especially with those who could use some inspiration.

One of my favorite ways to play with food has been with over 20 + years experience designing and decorating cakes for small weddings and other celebratory events. I am most recently specializing in 3-D sculpted cakes. Yes, like purses, and people, and such. To me it is another form of artistic expression and the medium is fondant and buttercream and home made cake. Like your Grandma used to make.

My interest in TV production began as a regular contributor on both NBC and ABC affiliates with segments on food and entertaining. This new adventure, my very own Playing With Food TV show is the perfect venue for show and tell.  My goal for the show is to inspire viewers to look at a recipe or table display and think, ‘wow, that looks delicious,  I want to make that!’  Or, ‘I love that idea for a simple party, I’m going to stop making excuses and have people over’. Or,’That is a really creative table display!  I can do that and I won’t even have to buy anything special!’

For you curious types who may like to know even more; I am married, mom ,step-mom and Grandma. I am a musician, willing servant to my retired racing greyhounds and cats, and I love all things DIY. Most of all, I love to make life fun. I find humor in many things and if I’ve made someone really laugh, it’s been a good day.






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